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10m Wide Homes Can Be Amazing

Having limited space and room to move might feel too restrictive for some people. But our latest 10m wide narrow block home design custom designed for our clients for their subdivided block in Lathlain has hit the spot. It’s great to meet clients who scrapbook ideas as it helps provide a bit of a road map for us during the design brief. However, it’s not

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We Love Stylish Double Storey Designs With Flair

Just because you may have a small or narrow block doesn’t mean you can’t have amazingly stylish double storey home design! Take a look at this recent concept home we created. Sure, it features a dominant garage door to the front elevation, something you just can’t avoid when creating a double storey on a narrow block with only one street front but we think it’s

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House Designs For Narrow Blocks Don’t Have To Be A Compromise

Many home buyers may think about buying a narrow or small block but believe they will need to compromise with the finished house design. Sure, there are some small compromises but they may actually be lifestyle choices, such as reducing the garden size to avoid hours of maintenance time and clean up. Other than some minor adjustments an experienced house designer can maximise the potential

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Review Of Swanbourne Concept Rear Access Narrow Block House Designs Perth

When you’re developing a narrow block house design it’s important to achieve the maximum amount of client ‘wants’ as possible. In this Swanbourne residence we had a real challenge put forward as the home was on 2 corners with only one common boundary to a neighbouring home under construction. Narrow block house designs Perth consider all the factors during the client design brief to give

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Great Design Is Critical

Creating a great floor plan for a small or narrow block of land is such an important step in achieving an amazing home. Have you ever been to someones home and found the following: Dark rooms and hallways, even in the middle of the day Air-conditioning pumping out during a relatively mild summers day Likewise, heaters on in Winter when outside it’s beautiful A great view as you arrived